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Stump Grinding

Whether it’s a stump from a tree that’s been recently cut down or a stump that’s been bothering you for some time and you’ve decided to deal with it, we can help.

Goodfellers have been removing stumps for many years and do so daily. Our extensive experience in stump grinding means we get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Our larger stump grinder is a bit of a beast! This tracked machine spreads the weight to minimise disturbance to the ground whilst manoeuvring and makes light work of any stump, and with its compact design can fit through most larger garden gates. In situations where we have limited access, we utilise our smaller pedestrian stump grinder which is only 22 inches wide, making it possible to access almost any stump.

The arisings are then pushed back in the hole or can be removed from the site if requested.  This can also be used on flower beds or vegetable patches.

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